Hair getting long while social distancing? Cut it yourself with the help of this website

Hair getting long while social distancing? Cut it yourself with the help of this website
Posted at 4:55 PM, Apr 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-10 17:55:17-04

You might be in need of a haircut with barbershops and salons closed, but are you at the point where you want to do it yourself or wing it with a family member?

If the answer is yes, hold the phone.

A new website will connect you with a barber who can walk you through the whole thing. The site is

Greg Isenberg came up with the idea. His girlfriend said he needed a haircut, but they knew nothing about cutting hair. So, he connected with his friend who is a barber and they put the site together.

He says he wanted to do something to give back to help people who are out of work. Many are in the hair industry.

“They want to work,” said Isenberg. “They love what they do and they want to get paid for what they do, so the support from barbers all over the world has been incredible.”

The site offers two types of haircuts for men. The least expensive is $18 for a 20 minute haircut. They encourage you to leave a $5 tip.

About 80% of the cost goes to the barber. The rest goes to running the website.

As soon as you book, you'll get a Zoom link. There, the barber will tell you what to do.

Isenberg says the barbers are highly vetted.

Here's one response he got this week:

“My child didn't trust me cutting his hair, but with the barber, he actually felt trust and now that kid thinks that his mom is extra cool.”

The website is setting up a way to do women's cuts as well. They have received a lot of requests.

If you can’t afford this service, Isenberg’s advice is to go very slowly. And, if you think you need to cut an inch, cut a tenth of an inch.

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