All-clear given at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base hospital after brief lockdown

Posted at 12:32 PM, Aug 02, 2018

FAIRBORN, Ohio — A 911 call during a regularly-scheduled installation exercise prompted a lockdown at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base on Thursday.

According to the base's Twitter account, officials were executing an active shooter training exercise in Area A of the base on Thursday when an "unknown individual" called 911, fearing the training was real. The call prompted a security sweep of the base and a lockdown call.

Later, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base later clarified that there was never a "real world" active shooter on the base.



According to the base, one member of security forces fired a weapon in order to breach a door that had been locked in order to sweep the facility.

The area has been declared safe. Wright-Patt officials have asked personnel to avoid the medical center on the base for the time being.