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Murray Hill Pottery Works offers therapeutic experience

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Murray Hill Pottery Works
Posted at 3:55 PM, Apr 04, 2022
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MILWAUKEE — This is a real hands-on hidden gem. Owners Brian Mielke and Holly Schilling took over Murray Hill Pottery Works in January of 2020, right before the pandemic. The business operates like a club, offering members 24-hour access.

“The members are able to come and go based on their own schedules. This has kept us afloat throughout the last few years," said Mielke.

Everything is provided, you just have to be willing to get dirty. I found it to be very therapeutic, taking a lump of clay, sitting at the pottery wheel and using my hands to create.

According to Mielke, many of the members have very stressful jobs and they use this art-form as a way to relax.

Murray Hill Pottery Works
Murray Hill Pottery Works

“Pottery is not for the impatient," said Mielke.

After you’ve sculpted your masterpiece and it has dried, you choose a glaze. Once the glaze is applied, it is fired. It takes about two weeks to complete a piece. It’s a lengthy but worthwhile process, and one I will definitely be doing again.

Murray Hill Pottery Works is located at 2458 N Murray Ave in Milwaukee, and night classes are also offered to new comers. Learn more about Murray Hill Pottery Works, by clicking here.

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