Marquette Law School Poll: Vukmir ahead in GOP Senate race, Evers leads Democratic governor race

Posted at 12:32 PM, Jul 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-18 18:59:54-04

MILWAUKEE -- The new Marquette Law School poll has current State Senator Leah Vukmir with a small lead over rival Kevin Nicholson in the GOP primary race for Wisconsin Senator.

Vukmir owns a 34 to 32 percent lead on Nicholson, within the margin of error for the poll. That changes from a five-percent lead for Nicholson in the June poll. 30 percent are undecided.

As for the Democratic primary race for Governor, State Superintendent Tony Evers has 31 percent of the vote, with none of the other seven candidates owning six percent and 38 percent undecided.

The other main takeaway from the poll involves how few people don't have an opinion on the candidates in the major races on the August primary ballot.

Watch the unveiling as it happened:

A large percentage of both Democrats and Republicans still do not know who they will vote for in the August primaries. Two thirds of all registered voters in the Marquette poll said they do not have an opinion on either candidate for Senator, and 60 percent of all voters in the poll had no opinion on the eight candidates who want to go up against Walker for the governor's slot.