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Witnesses describe Middleton office shooting scene

Posted at 6:04 PM, Sep 19, 2018

It was a terrifying day for those who witnessed the shooting at a Middleton office building.  Employees as WTS Paradigm, where the gunman opened fire, said they heard a lot of gunshots. 

Marlene Mecum works near the site of the shooting at Century Insurance and she could hear the shots from her office.

“It was scary. Thoughts are running through your head that you're like did they catch this person are we still safe coming out,” said Mecum. 

Mecum and her co-workers locked their doors, but police evacuated the office shortly after. 

“We came through the back stairwell, which there was blood on the ground in the back, so that was even scarier to see,” said Mecum. 

Randy Meinholz was outside his business RanDan Agri Services, directly behind the office building, when he saw the commotion. 

“They were running as fast as they physically could,” said Meinholz. 

He watched employees run through tall grass and across railroad tracks. 

“They were visibly upset. A couple of the girls anyways were crying and trembling. You could tell they were kind of looking back around and where’s so and so I think they were trying to account for everybody and make sure they got out,” said Meinholz. 

Meinholz made his business available for those looking for a safe place. 

“I asked one of the guys and he said we heard gunshots and just ran,” said Meinholz. 

He said the day was surreal. 

“Never in million years do you think it’s gonna happen here,” said Meinholz.