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Wisconsinites brace for snowy road conditions through the weekend

snow plow
Posted at 6:58 AM, Jan 29, 2023

After a mild start to the year snow is finally falling in southeastern Wisconsin.

But with that beautiful winter scene comes slick and icy roads and dangerous conditions for drivers.

“I had a car try to cut me off when I was driving my jeep,” said driver, Milly Monroe. “if you have a big car behind you, it takes a lot longer to stop, so be cautious when you’re driving around bigger cars.”

Jesse Edwards agrees the roads become a huge problem once snow starts.

“It’s so icy, it’s so dangerous. That is a major concern,” he said. “Please drive safe take your time, look out for the other driver just take your time.”

Milwaukee’s Department of Public Works has been out since Saturday morning salting and plowing streets to help drivers stay safe.

The city says 100 plows will be tackling main roads first then side streets as the snow falls this weekend.

Ways the public can help during a snow operation from Milwaukee DPW:

  • Adjust your driving for conditions by slowing down and providing more space for braking.
  • Give salt and plow trucks space and stay back from the trucks salting or brining streets to ensure the product hits the streets instead of your car.
  • Drive carefully and plan your route to stay on main transportation routes as much as possible during snow and ice events.
  • Park legally and follow alternate side parking rules. Parking farther away from driveways, alleys and intersections allows our equipment to get through.
  • Do not shovel, blow or plow snow back into the streets.
  • Shovel your sidewalk within 24 hours after the snow has stopped falling, assist neighbors who are elderly or disabled.
  • Clear your fire hydrant of snow and ice.
  • Clear snow and ice around and on top of your garbage and recycling carts.

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