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Wisconsin shoppers expected to rush to Super Bowl deals

TVs and groceries are at the top of the list
Posted at 10:21 PM, Jan 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-01 12:35:18-05

Super Bowl Sunday is just days away, and we all know the big game is a recipe for big business. 

But it's not just Minneapolis banking on it. We checked in with some local stores that have been gearing up for this weekend. 

"The kind of business that we're going to do on Sunday is very similar to the days going into a Thanksgiving or Christmas for us," said Andy Gifford, Greenfield Pick 'N Save Store Director. 

Sunday morning and the hours leading up to kick-off are when most shoppers pack the stores.
That's why experts recommend adjusting your playbook.

Everything that we are offering on Sunday, we offer today, and tomorrow. Getting your shopping done early can save you a headache without a doubt," Gifford said. 

One pre-game offering we're not used to? 

Electronics stores will see an uptick as well, as shoppers flock to the stores for the right TV to watch the game. 

"A big TV with a great sound system to bring it all home," said James Johnson, a salesman at Flanner's Home Entertainment. 

Almost one in 10 people who buy a new TV this year, will do so during Super Bowl sales.

"I think people like the opportunity or the excuse to go out and buy a TV to take advantage of all the new technologies," Johnson said. 

If you need an excuse to splurge on a new TV or lots of snacks, remember the average price of a ticket to the Super Bowl in Minneapolis is $5,700.