Wisconsin recount enters day 5 with no significant issues

Posted at 6:28 PM, Dec 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-05 19:28:59-05
Wisconsin election officials say day five of the recount has almost ended with no significant issues to report. 
In Milwaukee County, tabulators focused on Wauwatosa, West Milwaukee and South Milwaukee on Monday and were expected to stay until ballots from all three municipalities were counted. 
Milwaukee County Clerk Joe Czarnezki says they are on track to finish before the December 12 deadline.
"There hasn't been any wide swinging results of the election," he said 
Czarnezki says the minor issues that have been reported so far have been a result of human error. There was one case of possible voter fraud that was referred to the Milwaukee County District Attorney for review. 
"There was one incident in one municipality where they discovered that a person did vote twice," Czarnezki said. "They voted absentee and in person and that may be the case that was referred to the district attorney." 
Lynda Palacek observed in Milwaukee County on behalf of the Green Party and says she personally hasn't had any concerns. 
"If there is a question about anything, they have been very conscientious to make sure their questions are answered and that everything goes very smoothly," she said. 
Over in Waukesha County, officials say they requested what they say is a higher efficiency machine to count ballots. That machine arrived Monday and can count up to 5,000 ballots at a time. 
"From what I'm seeing, the county and their employees are doing a good job and having this additional equipment that they brought in today will speed up the process," said Brendan Quinn, an election observer with the Trump campaign. 
State election officials say six counties so far have completed their work, and all counties are scheduled to finish by the December 12 deadline. 
You can check updated numbers during the recount by clicking here
You can also watch a live stream of recount efforts in Waukesha County by clicking here.