Wisconsin man faces 5th OWI after leading deputies on chase in a dump truck

Posted at 10:12 PM, Mar 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-24 15:20:15-04

DODGE COUNTY -- A man in a dump truck led deputies on a chase from Dodge to Columbia Counties this week. 

Deputies said Ted Tamminga was drunk when he drove away from authorities, and he even dumped a load of gravel onto the road to try to get away. He is now charged with his fifth OWI.

A 911 call Wednesday evening had Dodge County deputies searching County Road G just west of Beaver Dam for a drunk man who took a vehicle.

"One of the family members reported the individual had left the scene ina full-size dump truck with a plow on the front," said Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt

Deputies tried to get Tamminga to stop. At one point, deputies said Tamminga raised up the box of the dump truck then lowered it and then raised it again.

"Raising the bed again, it looks like he is attempting to dump this load," said Deputy Justin Kontny.

He did, spreading dirt and rocks across both lanes of the road. The suspect also kept the back raised as he was driving. The deputy said the chase reached speeds of 60 mph. 

Tamminga eventually blew a stop sign and swerved off the road before unsuccessfully trying to drive through a field.

"North side of the field, subject stopping," said Kontny.

Deputies said Tamminga resisted and even told them to shoot him before finally giving himself up.

"We were thankful to get this guy off the road and nobody was injured," said Schmidt.

Tamminga is also charged with resisting and fleeing. The deputies said his blood alcohol was twice the legal limit.