3-legged dog in animal mistreatment case adopted by new family

Posted at 8:38 PM, Mar 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-23 23:10:08-04

It's a new start for a Racine County dog after its previous owner neglected an injury for months, causing the dog to lose one of its legs. 

Now the dog has a new name and a new home. 

"We were really lucky to have found her," said Lisa McCarville who adopted "Lucky" with her husband and two sons. 

Lisa says they recently lost a family dog and started looking at local Wisconsin Humane Society locations to adopt a new one. 

"I saw her picture online not realizing that she had three legs and we went to see her and we fell in love," said Lisa. 

The 13-month old white Husky came to the Wisconsin Humane Society in mid-February, after police got involved. 

According to a criminal complaint, police responded to Angel Gutierrez-Garnica's home in Caledonia on February 16 after someone reported an injured dog. 

Another person in the home told police the dog jumped off the garage several months prior and injured her leg. Police found a homemade bandage on the dog's leg made out of duct tape and a sock. 

The owner told police the dog saw a veterinarian but couldn't provide information on the clinic's name or location. He also didn't have any paperwork from a vet. 

A veterinarian with the Wisconsin Humane Society told police the dog suffered extensive nerve damage in the leg and also had chronic paw wounds from dragging her leg on the ground. 

As a result of the dog's injuries, her leg had to be amputated on February 20. She then went up for adoption and that's when the McCarville's found her. 

"She's helping our lives just as much as we're helping her," said John. 

His sons Braeden and Chance say even with three legs, Lucky is faster than them. 

"She's like flash," said Braeden. 

John added that she's "very, very fast at the dog park. She will run and keep up with any dog out there." 

Lisa says she hasn't shown any signs of behavioral issues considering what she went through, and overall Lucky is extremely gentle.

"She's not just a dog to us, she's our new daughter," said Lisa.

"She's family," said John.