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Wisconsin makes the top 10 list of states with the rudest drivers

Posted at 10:46 AM, Feb 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-14 11:52:16-05

Wisconsin has made the list of top 10 states with the rudest drivers, according to a study done by Insurify.

The study looked at several factors, including how rude drivers are throughout the country on average, failure to stop for red lights, regional differences and citation data. The study determined its results by looking at a database of over 2 million insurance applications and the following violations that they classify as the "most extreme forms of rude driving": failure to yield violations (failure to yield the right of way, failure to yield to a pedestrian), failure to stop violations (failure to stop for a red light, school bus, or stop sign), improper backing, passing where prohibited, tailgating, street racing, and hit-and-runs.

For each state, researchers calculated the proportion of drivers with one or more of the studied violations on their record.

Wisconsin came in at #10 on the list, with failure to yield the right of way and passing violations coming in significantly higher than the national average. Tailgating and hit-and-runs are also higher than the national average.

The other nine states include:

  1. Virginia
  2. Idaho
  3. Wyoming
  4. New York
  5. Georgia
  6. Ohio
  7. Delaware
  8. Iowa
  9. Hawaii

Read the entire study here.

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