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Wisconsin leaders engage in 'Christmas' vs. 'Holiday' tree debate

Posted at 8:08 AM, Nov 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-12 09:08:38-05

MADISON — A Republican legislator is resurrecting a resolution that would officially declare the evergreen the state Department of Administration places in the state Capitol every year a Christmas tree.

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers called the tree a holiday tree Friday, a departure from his predecessor, Republican Scott Walker, who called it a Christmas tree. Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald called Evers' decision to rename the tree "'PC' garbage."

Walker tweeted a photo of a decorated evergreen and said, "This is a Christmas Tree that is used by people celebrating Christmas. This is not a holiday tree."

He then followed up after his advocacy for the 'Christmas tree' was met with distaste from Twitter users.

Rep. Scott Krug introduced a resolution Monday declaring the tree the Wisconsin State Christmas Tree. The Republican-controlled Assembly passed the same resolution in 2007 but the proposal died in Senate.

Krug's resolution can't pass before Christmas. The Assembly's last 2019 floor session is Tuesday and Krug has given co-sponsors until Friday to sign on to the proposal.

The capitol's tree was called a holiday tree since 1985, until Walker took office. Walker will be on Fox and Friends Tuesday morning to talk about "why it's a Christmas tree," he said in a tweet.