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Wisconsin Black Caucus discusses controversial Kaepernick resolution

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Posted at 9:43 PM, Feb 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-26 09:45:18-05

Members of Wisconsin's Legislative Black Caucus met with constituents in Milwaukee Monday night to discuss the recent controversial resolution featuring Milwaukee native Colin Kaepernick.

The political activist and former NFL player had been included in a Black History Month resolution but GOP lawmakers removed any mention of him before it was passed.

"The individuals that have not even come to most if not any of the black history program events... they wanted to dictate to us what they could and could not do and that's just not acceptable, last we checked we are free," Senator Lena Taylor of Milwaukee said.

Taylor was one of the lawmakers who met with community members inside the Sherman Phoenix in Milwaukee.

"Standing up for what is right and shining a light on the injustices in Wisconsin is necessary," she said.

Community members who were in attendance said they were there to support the lawmakers.

"There is nothing wrong with someone standing up for his community and saying enough is enough. Enough of my people are being killed, shot unfairly and this shouldn't continue on. So taking a knee is an honorable thing to do and it's being looked at as just the opposite," said Alan Smoot.

"I feel disrespected how some people just come in and tell us about our culture who we chose to be an icon in our community how he was taken away by someone not of our culture," Jarvis West said.

Representative David Crowley of Milwaukee says the Black Caucus has moved beyond the issue.

"There are many issues that plague this community whether we are talking about education or criminal justice system, healthcare or so on and so forth we have to fight for those we represent," said Crowley.

As part of Black History Month, the Legislative Black Caucus will hold a "Lobby Day" Thursday the 28th in Madison. Taylor says they plan to honor Kaepernick there and they encourage constituents to take part.