Wintry weather returns to southeast Wisconsin with March snow

Posted at 12:52 PM, Mar 06, 2018

WEST ALLIS -- Snow returned to southeastern Wisconsin overnight creating a slushy Tuesday morning commute. 

And Wisconsin weather can be unpredictable. Just last week the sun was shining and people were enjoying the outdoors in spring-like temperatures, but Tuesday's weather told a different story.

“I wasn’t really prepared for this," Sara Nelson said. "This is a lot of snow, but [it's] Wisconsin."

The snowfall total in West Allis reached three inches prompting Erin Lindsey to give herself more time before heading out on the roads. 

“It’s [wet] and cold, not the best snow," Lindsey said. "It’s like good packing snow and snowboarding snow, but it’s not fun."

It may not be fun to dust off your car, but it’s snow like this that often brings out of the best in people. Todd Beale, a military veteran owns a local landscaping company and plans to spend the day blowing and shoveling snow for his neighbors who aren’t able to do it on their own, and he's doing it free of charge. 

“I take a couple on every year that are either elderly or disabled that can’t do it," Beale said. "It’s my way of giving back for the blessings that I have."