'Why are you making it more difficult?' Order to remove voters from registry draws protesters

Posted at 6:37 PM, Dec 16, 2019

MILWAUKEE COUNTY — The Wisconsin Elections Commission has yet to decide what to do after an order to immediately remove more than 234,000 voters from the registry.

On Friday, an Ozaukee County judge ruled the agency must deactivate the voters it flagged but didn't respond in time to a letter asking if they had moved.

In June the Commission decided to wait for up to 24 months to remove voters to make sure it had accurate information about their residence.

That's why the conservative law firm Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty sued, arguing the data the state has is accurate, and the Commission must follow the law. State law requires the Commission to remove names from the voter roll if they don't respond to an inquiry within 30 days.

"This is simply all about a state agency that's not following state law," said Lucas Vebber an attorney with the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty.

Vebber said voters who are removed can re-register before or on the day of an election.

Meanwhile, about 40 protesters gathered outside the Milwaukee Elections Commission office to remind people to register.

"The point is, why are you making it more difficult? They are already registered," said Greg Lewis.

A spokesperson for the Elections Commission said it has not begun removing voter registrations as it is still waiting for the judge's written ruling.

You can register to vote or check to see if you are registered at