Why every meteorologist is wearing this dress

Posted at 2:41 PM, Nov 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-24 15:41:50-05

Let's talk about the dress.

It is going viral right now. A lot of people are saying all the female meteorologists across the country are wearing this dress. The discovery came after someone posted this collage on Reddit.

Link to the dress:

That's is because we are all a part of a Female Meteorologist Facebook group where we talk about anything from the forecast to fashion.

One of the meteorologists posted a link to this Homeyee Women's Stretch Tunic Pencil Sheath Dress, found on Amazon, and said it looks great from a size two to a size 12, so a lot of us jumped on board.

It has sleeves, it is decent quality and the best part, it is only $23!

It comes in several colors, but I can't get the green because I would disappear in with the green screen.

So, it's not a conspiracy, we all just like a good deal!