Whitefish Bay HS is home to a rising track star

Posted at 8:21 AM, May 12, 2016

WHITEFISH BAY -- “I've been coaching a pretty long time and I've never come across an athlete as good as Cami,” said Mike Miller, the assistant track coach at Whitefish Bay High School.

Cami Davre has set four records at Whitefish Bay High School: the 4 x 400-meter and 800-meter relay, along with the 800-meter and 1,600-meter, but it's breaking the state record in the 800 of which Cami is most proud.

“It's a tough race definitely,” the junior said. “You have to have some like grit to get through it so I really like it a lot.”

She doesn't brag about these accomplishments. She barely wants to answer questions about them, but she will tell you:

“I take every workout really seriously and I try to hit my times,” Davre said. “That's probably the most important thing because workouts really do give you confidence for your races, and then also trying really hard in races to hit a goal time and have goals for every single race that I go into, so sometimes that can be a little stressful because I have a lot of expectations for myself, but it's also a really rewarding thing when you can do well and reach your goals.”

Her goal this year is to repeat her state titles in the 800-meter and 1,600-meter.

“But I know there's lot of competition, so I definitely have to keep up the hard work and not underestimate anyone because I know there are always better people coming up and everyone's improving each year,” Davre said.

It looks like she is well on her way to accomplishing her long term goal of running in college. Davre didn’t say what school she's interested in or which ones are interested in her, but Coach Miller said she’s getting looks from the top running schools in the country.

“To have an athlete like this might be once in a lifetime,” Miller said.