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What to pack in your car in case of a winter emergency

Posted at 5:25 AM, Jan 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-13 07:57:35-05

MILWAUKEE — Since 2014, Jeremy Caine, owner of Crash Course Driver Education Center located on Howell Avenue, has been teaching kids how to drive safely out on the roads. He said seeing drivers stuck out on I-95 in Virginia for hours shows how quickly weather and road conditions can change. Caine said even light blowing snow can cause issues for drivers.

“This weather can be tricky. You can say, 'oh I can see the street and the suns out, everything is shiny,' but you still may have those slick spots, problems defrosting,” said Caine.

He said now is the time to double check your vehicle to not only make sure it's working properly, but to also make sure you have an emergency kit on hand.

Extremely important during the winter months, but in general everyone should have a vehicle roadside safety kit.

Caine suggests including things in your kit like a poncho, gloves, flashlight, phone charger, tow line, jumper cables and a quilt.

“If your vehicle stops working, especially now, if it won’t even turn on and it’s freezing outside and the only thing you have is your coat, you may also need some kind of quilt,” said Caine.

Once you have your kit packed, Caine said the best place to store it is in the trunk of the car.

“When an emergency occurs, if you don’t have these things at your disposal, it makes it even worse,” said Caine. 

To learn more about Crash Course Driver Education and tips on driving, click here.

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