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'We've lost a huge giant in this community:' Friends remember man killed in deputy-involved crash

Posted at 9:26 PM, Jan 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-27 23:54:02-05

MILWAUKEE — The man who died in a deputy-involved crash Saturday at 10th and State has been identified as 47-year-old Ceasar Stinson. Stinson is well known in Milwaukee for his work as a community leader and lobbyist for Milwaukee Public Schools.

Inside Gee's Clippers on Monday night, an open dialogue for black men to discuss issues that affect them every day in Milwaukee was missing the voice of a man who usually helps lead the conversation, Ceasar Stinson.

"It's devastating because we were just together two days ago," said Kwabena Antoine Nixon. "Literally, I talked to Ceasar every day."

Nixon says Ceasar was his best friend. He wore a scarf and brimmed hat Monday in homage to Ceasar's keen sense of style.

"I visited the site where my friend lost his life and it wasn't a pretty sight," Nixon said.

Ceasar was driving at 10th and State Saturday morning when he was struck by an unmarked sheriff's deputy SUV claiming his life. The circumstances of the crash are still being investigated.

"One of the things he's always said is you can't sit on the sideline, you gotta get in the game," Nixon said.

"He served on boards, he volunteered, he was a big supporter of violence prevention," said Reggie Moore, Director of the City of Milwaukee Office of Violence Prevention.

Milwaukee Public Schools and the Milwaukee County Sheriff issued statements Monday night about Ceasar's legacy.

M.P.S. said Ceasar worked with them for nearly two decades as a lobbyist.

"He was passionate about young people in the district as well as in the community," said an MPS spokesperson.

Milwaukee County Sheriff Earnell Lucas said, "We pray that his family is comforted in knowing that his life had an impact on youth in our community."

"We've lost a huge giant in this community," said state Representative David Crowley.

Crowley credits Ceasar for mentoring him since he got into politics.

"As we remember Ceasar, we have to think about what he fought for and making sure that his life isn't necessarily in vain and making sure we push this community forward and making sure that we build a bridge of equity for everybody," Crowley said.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office said the deputy that was involved in the crash has been released from the hospital for minor injuries. He's been placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation.

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