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West Allis Kids create their own Black Lives Matter rally

Posted at 6:11 PM, Jun 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-09 19:33:42-04

WEST ALLIS — With all the protests going on, three kids aged 9, 11, and 12 from West Allis wanted to be part of the Black Lives Matter movement too.

"If you're not treated the same way as every other person, you have to stick up for yourself and use your own words," 9-year-old Averie Scales said.

However, their parents thought they might still be too young to march, so they came up with their own unique way to raise awareness about racial inequalities from their front lawn.

"We are bringing kindness and peace to the world during these times," 11-year-old Sariah Tyler said.

Averie, her older 12-year-old brother Lance, and Sariah decided to host a protest near the corner of Burnham and South 71st Street in West Allis. They hung up Black Lives Matter signs, encouraged drivers to honk their horns, and handed out snacks to cars passing by.

"We are trying to make people know we are going to make history by doing this," Lance Scales said.

For four days in a row, they have been making their presence known on South 71st Street. Countless cars honk their horns passing the house and minor traffic jams are created as these young protesters hand out snacks and water to those passing by.

The three of them, their parents, and friends have been standing outside for several hours every day doing this.

"I want them to take away that no matter what, how you look, whatever skin color you are, that you should still be nice to everyone and everyone should be treated equally," Sariah said.

While they aren't marching with the large crowds, they are still getting their voices heard and their message across.

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