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Wellspring employees searching for answers after abrupt closure

Posted at 6:18 PM, Mar 01, 2019

MILWAUKEE — At Wellspring nursing home, the doors are locked and shut 24 hours after everyone was forced out. Friday would have been payday for the employees at but instead, they never got a check.

"I'm very distraught I don't know what I'm going to do," said Nicole Wilburn a former employee.

Wellspring was purchased by Massachusetts-based company called Congress Companies in 2012.

Posted on the outside of the nursing home's doors is the number for the CEO, we called him Friday morning to see if we could get answers. We called multiple times, left multiple messages but a receptionist said he wasn't in and she didn't know his schedule.

A Wellspring human resources employee told us the facility was shut down because the bank accounts were frozen. She is now working to do everything she can to help the 160 employees who are without a job and a check.

"Unfortunately because the accounts were frozen at this time, the employer was unable to pay people the way they would normally pay them and I know they are working to get that fixed but it's not fixed at the moment," said the HR representative.

She is hoping people from around the city will reach out and help the employees who are now in a difficult position.

"I’m calling to see if anyone can help my employees. Today is rent day, it’s the day mortgages are due...They are without money and I’m very worried about all of us and them. I’m trying to appeal to the landlord give them a break. Give them a little more time to pay their bills people need their help."