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Weather fatigue sets in after flood-ravaged communities hit with snow and rain

Posted at 5:37 PM, Apr 11, 2019

MILWAUKEE -- Residents along the Milwaukee River in Mequon said they're ready for a break Thursday when it comes to weather.

Less than a month ago, they were hit with substantial flooding and now, just as they're drying out, more snow and rain once again makes the area a soggy mess.

"Mother Nature never lets up," said Jaroslaw Schelach.

When you live along the river It doesn't take long to realize weather isn't always on your side, but for Mequon resident Jaroslaw Schelach, a fresh blanket of snow followed by puddles turning into ponds is the last thing he wants to see out his back door.

"Let's put it this way, it was a miserable winter this year," he said.

Several feet of snow in January and February was followed by a bigger problem in March. Ice jams caused the Milwaukee River to flow well past its banks turning homes like Schelach's into private islands.

Watermarks along his fence show how high it climbed. Thankfully, Schelach says flood water stopped a few inches shy from creeping into his home.

"If I were to wade down to where the garage is, it would be my crotch level where the water line was," he said.

Others with basements weren't so lucky.

"Our basement had a sump pump going the whole time for like a week and a half," said Ellen Anderson.

As much as Anderson is frustrated by a mushy mess when she steps outside, she finds comfort in the Milwaukee River levels that remain well below flood stage.

"We don't expect it to flood anytime right now," she said. "The worst is over so that's good."