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'We count on her': Woman feeding the homeless may be forced to stop

Health department says it's not safe
Posted at 10:14 PM, Nov 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-14 13:08:21-05

A woman using her own money to feed the homeless in Kenosha is being told she might have to stop. 

The health department said it is not safe for her to cook out of her home. Now, Arnetta Griffin is praying for help.

Griffen has been serving up hot meals to the homeless at  61st Street and 22nd Avenue. Griffin started doing it over the summer when a nearby homeless shelter shut down. She saw people picking through the trash for food.

"We count on her," said Lonnie Stewart, who regularly gets meals from Griffin. "I don't have nothing to eat."

Men, women and children, some homeless, some just without food, have come to rely on Griffin bringing out two meals a day. She uses her own social security check to buy food and cooks it at her house. But someone recently reported the health department what she was doing and they told her she was breaking the law.

"It's unfair, but it is life. Life still goes on and whoever it is, I pray for him or her," Griffin said.

Kenosha County's manager of environmental health Mark Melotik said he is working with Griffin. They are not shutting her down immediately. Melotik is hoping she can find a place to cook out of with a commercial kitchen. He said it would be better for everyone if she had her own separate place to cook out of and keep donations in. 

Griffin is relying on God to help find her a solution.

"Don't worry about. Don't panic about it cause God got this under control," said Griffin. "I'm not going to stop, I can't be stopped. I'm a child of God."

Melotik said there is no timeline for stopping Griffin from cooking. She can keep doing that and serving meals while she looks for a commercial kitchen.