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Wauwatosa soldier surprises brother for Christmas [VIDEO]

Posted at 10:26 PM, Dec 20, 2019

WAUWATOSA — A Wauwatosa family gets the gift they had been waiting for this Christmas, their soldier home from serving overseas.

"A year away from my family has been hard," said U.S. Army Private First Class Dillon Busche.

Busche has been away from his wife, his mom, dad and a little brother Lincoln since February.

"There were times I wouldn't be able to talk to him a lot and just not knowing he was safe. That was probably the hardest part," said wife Rachel Busche.

Dillon has been serving the country in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, Lincoln along with the rest of his family wondered when he would be back.

"I would mention Christmas that I would be home," said Busche.

Lincoln had no idea his family and school had a big surprse planned. During the holiday assembly this afternoon, kids were getting called up one-by-one to receive gifts. When Lincoln heard his name he was confused when he looked in the gift bag and there were no gift. But when Lincoln turned around there was an even better present for him, his brother.

"What's up dude?" asked said Busche as he hugged Lincoln. "Did I surprise you?

Lincoln nodded his head and wiped his eyes. Then hugged his brother again.

"I missed you bud," said Busche.

After nearly 11 months away from Wisconsin, the first thing Bushe and his family did was head out for burgers and custard. Soaking up the time they have together.

"Enjoy it while I have it cause next time I see him I don't know when it could be," said Busche.

Dillon is stationed in Fort Collins, Colorado. He will be heading back there with his wife after Christmas.