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Wauwatosa father and son team build massive homemade snow fort

Posted at 9:31 PM, Feb 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-04 22:31:02-05

WAUWATOSA — Standing at six feet tall with 14 inch thick walls, the biggest snow fort in Wisconsin might just be this behemoth coming from Wauwatosa.

"Every time it snows, me and Joey always go outside to check and see if there is packing snow, and if it's packing snow we get excited, and when he gets out of school, he comes home and we start to build," Joe Kral of Wauwatosa said.

Father and son team, Joe and Joey, have been making snow forts for the past few years. However, this year it was their biggest creation yet. Some of the fort's features include five windows, three seats, two rooms, Nerf gun ammo stashes, cup holders, lights, and a working fireplace.

"Well, the first part was one day and then on Saturday, it was the weekend. I got the chance to work on it all day morning. All the way past dinner. And then on Sunday, Joey and I and the neighborhood kid up the road finished it and then I put the top on," Joe said.

It took about 35 hours and is three times as big as what the two Joes built last year.

"I love this fort so much," Joey, a second-grader, said.

He and his younger brother, Gavin, demonstrated the fort's defensive (or maybe offensive) abilities by unleashing a fury of Nerf gunshots into the air dissuading any potential aggressors from approaching the fort.

"(You can) look out the windows and see if there's [sic] any enemies," Joey, the second-grader, said.

What's surprising is the durability of the ice fortress. Last year, the much smaller creation lasted about three weeks. This year, they expect it to last at least a month.

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