Wauwatosa East shooting threat suspect told students it would be 'easy' to kill them

Posted: 8:54 PM, Apr 20, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-21 02:23:15Z

Wauwatosa police records offer a disturbing look into the mind of a Wauwatosa East High School freshman, who was allegedly thinking about carrying out a school shooting.

Police stepped-in when other students spoke-up. It was during an evacuation drill at Wauwatosa East back in January that he told friends "how easy it would be to kill people exiting the building. I would call in a bomb threat, and shoot everyone as they were leaving."

Friends say the freshman had a "floor plan of the school marked with arrows and symbols." And he had a "mental list of who he would spare and who he would kill."  Friends say he told them, "if I ever text you and tell you not to come to school, don't come to school."

According to police, when the student was questioned by a security officer at Wauwatosa East, he said "No offense to you, but I know you sit in your office at lunch, and I would take you out first."

As some Wauwatosa detectives interviewed the freshman, others went to his house, and took away two shotguns his father "recently purchased" for hunting. Those guns were locked, but the student said he could find the key and get to them if he really wanted.

Police records indicate the student was depressed, obsessed with mass shootings and the idea of hurting people. Although, it appears had no real intention to attack the school, because he feared the consequences.

Because of privacy laws, the Wauwatosa School District cannot comment on specifics but says every available step was taken to protect students and staff. The freshman is no longer a student at Wauwatosa East, and the case is being reviewed by the Milwaukee County District Attorney.

"You would never think for it to happen here," says student Kennedy Carthen. "It's scary to think it was a close call. Everybody's been talking about it. It's shocking because we didn't know much information back in January when it happened. Our parents got e-mails saying an emergency situation was handled and is under control. But that's it. I guess you never know these days."