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Waukesha teen living with Down Syndrome given special honor from classmates

Posted at 7:04 AM, May 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-30 08:04:42-04

WAUKESHA -- An entire high school rallied around a Waukesha classmate with down syndrome. The honor they gave him brought everyone to tears.

Sixteen-year-old Jack Ryan is someone everyone loves to be around and has stolen everyone's hearts.

His father Scott points out his love of football is infectious. Everyone knows his signature move before home games at Waukesha North High School.

"For the natinal anthem, he goes to the very front," said Scott. "He always pulls his jersey off and twirls it above his head every time."

Despite being so magnetic, his parents were shocked when they started hearing rumors surrounding prom.

"We heard a buzz that he may get prom king and I thought there was no way," said his mom Kelly Ryan.

But it happened.

"It made me surprised," said Jack. "High fives, we danced the whole night."

"It was just so cute to see all the kids give him a big hug and how excited they were for him, which is so selfless of this entire class," said Kelly. "This entire school, Waukesha North, is just awesome to kids like Jack, and it's been just kind of fostered every year from the classmates and it seems to grow with acceptance."

A lesson Jack's peers have learned out of the classroom - how much they can make a difference in someone's life and our community.