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Waukesha store preserving ancient tradition, magic

Posted at 7:26 PM, Nov 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-05 20:26:38-05

WAUKESHA — Magic has captivated audiences for centuries. In Waukesha, one of the states only magic and joke shops has been captivating the downtown area for nearly 50 years.

"Cause the world is just to serious now a days so seeing al little pile of a dog poop as a shock factor for something fun is neat.," owner of Jest For Fun Joke Shop, Jon Archimede, said.

His shop has everything from gag gifts, to practical jokes, easy magic tricks, and even props for stage shows. The number one product... number two. Fake dog poop.

"It's amazing how many people just come in and like they don’t say anything to me. 'Can I help you with something?' 'I WANT THAT.' That's about it," he said.

Archimede took over ownership of the store four years ago.

"I grew up in this store since I was 10-years-old."

He didn't want to see the shop go, so he bought it. It was partially to preserve the shop, and to keep an ancient and historic practice alive.

"If your going to be a magician its kind of good to have that face time with people to do that kind of stuff."

In an increasingly digital age, Archimede said more people are turning to videos for their magic and losing that in-person touch.

"Videos look wonderful. They look awesome, but that's on a video. That's not actually seeing it in person."

Plus, he said magic has transformative powers beyond the physical sleight of hand tricks.

"Magic just kind of gives it that extra bit of confidence."

While he loves preserving the tradition and letting others enjoy magic, he will tell you that one of his favorite parts of the shop is getting to show people magic. Just don't ask him to show you the same trick twice.

"Once is fine twice is educational."