Waukesha Police investigate series of car break-ins

Police say at least 30 cars were hit this week
Posted at 1:40 PM, Nov 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-10 17:52:02-05
The Waukesha Police Department is investigating a series of car break-ins that occurred over the weekend.
Police believe at least thirty cars were hit this week on the south side of Waukesha. The crooks targeted unlocked vehicles in a neighborhood south of Sunset Drive, east of Fox River Parkway,  west of  Prairie Avenue and north of State Highway 59.  
Small items were mostly taken and police believe some car owners haven't even realized they have become victims yet. 
"Car chargers were taken, small electronics, MP3 players, jumper cables, things like that," said Captain Dan Baumann with the Waukesha Police Department.
Dave Isnard has lived in the neighborhood for more than twenty years. He didn't know about the rash of car break-ins, but says he's always cautious.
"I always make sure I never leave anything in plain sight, like an iPad," Isnard said. "Also, I lock my vehicle and leave it in the garage."
Waukesha Police have arrested two suspects.  They were caught after a neighbor called police when they heard their dog start barking. The two were discovered that night with a load of stolen items.  
Police have more than 70 stolen items. If your vehicle was entered or items were taken, you are encouraged to contact the Waukesha Police Department at 262-524-3831.