VIDEO: Watertown mom's "Feisty Pet" gift for kids backfires; goes viral on the internet

Video been viewed more than 66 million times.
Posted at 3:33 PM, Oct 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-17 08:02:56-04

WATERTOWN, Wis. – Whether it's intentional or not, some parents get a kick out of scaring their kids -- especially this time of year. 

A Watertown mom had that experience when a “fun” toy she bought for her kids backfired - and turned into a viral video with millions of views on social media.

Jessica Magyar purchased a “feisty pet” called "Glenda Glitterpoop" for her kids off Amazon -- a seemingly cute stuffed unicorn, until you squeeze it.

She showed the toy to her three oldest children and recorded their reactions on Snapchat for her husband who was at work. 

The two older children thought it was funny – but 2-year-old Weston reacted quite differently.  

The video of his reaction speaks for itself:

Jessica says it took about a minute for Weston to compose himself. He thinks it is funny now and even asks to see the video repeatedly.

She says she was surprised by the 2-year-old’s reaction because he is not really scared of anything.  

“We all unintentionally scare our kids,” Magyar said. “The reaction is priceless. You don’t expect it.”

The reaction video was originally posted on Magyar’s Snapchat story, but her friends and family asked her to post it on Facebook so they could share it with their friends.  Once the video was posted, it went viral.

Jessica posted the video Wednesday morning and says by the time she went to bed, the video had 30,000 shares. By the time she woke up the next day it had more than 300,000 shares. 

Three days later, the video has been shared on Facebook more than 1 million times and viewed more than 66 million times.

Jessica says she is overwhelmed by the amount of attention the video has received. She says most of the feedback has been positive but some has been negative. 

"You can't un-ring a bell," Jessica says. "I'm a secure mother. There's not much I can't say...I just have to own it."'

To see the toy on Amazon, click here.