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Warm weather provides good opportunity to check home for leaks

Posted at 3:47 PM, Feb 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-04 17:22:12-05

The warmer weather has caused a spike in business at Wisconsin Roofing.

Owner Jim Brown said "phones have been ringing off the hook," with callers complaining of water in their homes.

Brown said that's common any time temperatures warm and snow melts.

He recommends homeowners check around their homes for water now because temperatures are expected to drop later this week and the re-freeze could hide existing leaks.

Brown said waiting until spring to fix that damage is likely to be more expensive.

"A small leak could turn into something major," Brown said. "Nobody wants to deal with repairs that could've been preventable."

"Make sure you walk around the outside of your home, look at the perimeter, check out where that ice is going and where that water's melting," he added. "We do run into a lot of cases where the water sits there, and there's eventually mold that people didn't realize. Other situations, things get ruined — like ceilings, drywall or insulation."

"A small leak could turn into something major. Nobody wants to deal with repairs that could've been preventable." — Jim Brown, owner of Wisconsin Roofing

He also cautioned about water on your roof re-freezing and building up on the gutters when temperatures cool off again.

"You don't want that ice dam to sit there and melt, and then it gets to the point where it will back up underneath your roof, behind your gutters," Brown said.