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Volunteers make Milwaukee explosion victim's workshop wheelchair accessible

Posted at 9:21 PM, Nov 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-11 11:01:19-05

MILWAUKEE -- A group of volunteers from across the state come together to help transform a Milwaukee man's workshop into a wheelchair accessible space, Saturday afternoon.

Matthew Felton lost both of his legs in an explosion at a city-owned gas station on Milwaukee's south side back in July of 2017.

Felton was rushed to the hospital where both his legs were amputated. Having limited mobility took a toll on his mental health.

"It was depressing for a while to not be able to walk and know that I want to walk," said Felton.

Felton specialized in illuminated tile work and since that day he has not been able to return to his workshop because it is not wheelchair accessible. Today eight men volunteered to help Matthew regain mobility by adding ramps and widening the bathroom doorway. Lifts will be added, to assist Felton with reaching tile on the wall.

One volunteer Steve Sprung, brought a new tile saw for Matthew because his was destroyed in the blast.

" We try to band together to help someone out when they are in a time of need." "This industry is big but it's really small at the same time. It's a tight knit group of guys," said Sprung. 

Felton said seeing the his friends, tradesmen, come together during his time of need is heartwarming and inspiring.

"I feel obligated to get my life back to a point where I'm producing again. To show them I can take what they are giving me and turn it around and be able to give back again," said Felton.

It will take a couple months before the workspace is fully assessable. Felton hopes to share and rent out his space with other tile artist and tradesmen.

Felton has used prosthetic legs but the pain was unbearable to walk. He is working on getting a new type of prosthetics that will help ease the pain.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help Felton with his new legs, to donate click here.

For more information on working with Felton email