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Vince Vitrano's last week at TMJ4: Brian Niznansky's top 5 'Vincisms'

vince vitrano
Posted at 5:24 AM, Feb 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-23 22:54:28-05

MILWAUKEE — Over the past couple decades Vince Vitrano has showed off his versatility of tackling our toughest news, to pulling all nighters on the road, while also having fun by telling us some of his most creative stories.

But my personal admiration of Vinny's work goes beyond the stories themselves and instead his natural ability of understanding our Milwaukee culture.  As Vinny heads over to the radio airwaves, I hope to keep alive some of Vince's words of wisdom that stuck with me over the years... or dare I say, my TOP 5 VINCISMS.


5. Only Brat Flavored Brats

Vince doesn't want anything to do with creative flavoring. This could also apply to things like coffee and cream puffs. Only cream puff flavored cream puffs for Vince. Don't ruin it with pumpkin spice.

4. Highway A-Hundurt

Vince has the best over-deliberate pronunciation of Highway A-Hundert that I've heard.

3. That's Snow Snow

Vince has two levels of snow. Snow that doesn't really do much to our everyday lives, or "Snow Snow." "Snow Snow" requires you to shovel, the plows are out, and school may be canceled.

2. If you Paid Full Price at Summerfest.. You're Not Trying

We can't get through one day of Summerfest without Vince reminding you there are many ways to get into Summerfest on the cheap.

1. Mandatory Stop

Vince obsessively refers to the Pine Cone Travel Plaza as his Mandatory stop between Milwaukee and Madison. I can confirm this is a deep local obsession which Vince has never received any kickbacks. Not even a coffee flavored coffee.

Vince... Your words of wisdom will live on!

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