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Village trustees could give special assessment to all Caledonia homeowners

Posted at 9:52 PM, Jun 04, 2019

CALEDONIA, Wis. — CALEDONIA -- A small stretch of homeowners along 4 Mile Road just off I-94 in Caledonia had been facing thousands of dollars in assessments.

The village trustees decided to hold off giving them that special assessment, but that might mean every homeowner in Caledonia gets one instead.

People living along 4 Mile Rd. were shocked when they opened a bill for a special assessment to add sewer and water pipes to the area.

"It was a $31,000 assessment," said homeowner Mark Hammond.

"It was right around $32,000," said homeowner Shirley Lochowitz.

"It was over $156,000," said Darlene Daines. "I almost hit the floor."

Daines has the highest assessment of anyone on her road. She lives on 32 acres by herself, since her husband passed away.

"My husband and I bought this place, this was our sanctuary. You know, but we also felt when we got old we'd have it. It was an investment. I mean this is all I have," said Daines.

Her neighbors share similar stories. They say it's the new business park that needs the water and sewer, not them. The homeowners have well water and either septics or mound systems. It is also driving down their property values.

"They say it's going to benefit us, the residents of 4 Mile Road and it's not. It's to benefit them," said Hammond.

The village trustees were scheduled to vote on this Monday night, but didn't.

Instead, they said they are reconsidering their options including one that would have every Caledonia homeowner footing the bill, instead of just those on 4 Mile Road. But, the property owners don't want that either.

"I'm sure they have lot of perks for going in here. They should cover the bill," said Hammond gesturing to the business park.

"Why should any of us pay for it? It was put in for them," said Daines.