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Village holds first Foxconn informational meeting of the year

Posted at 9:34 PM, Mar 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-18 23:18:18-04

The Village of Mount Pleasant held their first Foxconn informational meeting for residents of 2019 tonight at the village hall. The meeting came the same day that the electronics manufacturer announced they were pushing forward with building a LCD manufacturing plant.

At the meeting, residents could ask questions of representatives from construction project managers and state agencies. The residents wrote their questions down and a moderator asked them. Several questions were directed towards the business side of Foxconn, of which there was no representative.

The Mahoney family currently lives at the Southeast corner Foxconn’s first phase of construction. A question was asked about if Foxconn knows that the family is still living there. The answer relayed through village representative Claude Lois was “ They wanted to be left alone… they’ll stay where they are.” To which Kim Mahoney replied out loud in the public meeting, “That’s not true, don’t lie, don’t lie to these people," challenging the village’s statement.

"They claim that we’ve been granted our wish to stay there. Our wish to stay is because they’ve only made us a low ball offer based on a low ball appraisal, Mahoney said. She will have to handle that issue with the village.

Many other residents had questions for Foxconn, many of which went unanswered. “We’ll try to get your questions answered and get people from Foxconn here in the next month or two” Lois said.

The meetings will continue monthly as construction ramps up on the project this spring.