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U.S. Women's Hockey Team inspiring local athletes to dream big

Posted at 11:17 PM, Feb 22, 2018

For the first time in 20 years the U.S Women's Hockey Team pulled off a gold medal win against Canada in a nail-biting shootout, bringing inspiration to young women everywhere. 

The gold is hitting even closer to home for some local athletes since five of the women on Team USA have Wisconsin ties.  High schooler's at University School of Milwaukee are dreaming of the possibility of being part of an Olympic team.

"The women that play on that team are just incredible, out of this world. So I hope to work to that and maybe one day that could be a reality," said Lexie Epperson, Junior.

"I love the sport.  I can't imagine myself not playing it so maybe," said Karly Lamoreaux, Junior. 

She might have a good start, considering Lamoreaux shares the same last name as the twins on the winning team.

"A lot of my teachers have been bringing up asking me are you related to the Lamoureux twins and I mean I wish I was because they're amazing," said Lamoreaux.

On track to be Olympians or not, the USM Girl's Hockey Team is proud to represent the sport everyone seems to be talking about.

"There's a lot to learn from them. Their mindset of the game and how they move the puck is just great," said Hannah Gold, Senior.

"It was very exciting and I felt very proud," said Michaela Fritz, Junior.

They're now trying to channel some of that winning energy.

"Their fight and determination and drive to win a hockey game," said Epperson.

"Just seeing their joy in playing hockey once they won it really pushes me and my teammates to work harder each practice," said Lamoreaux.

The coach is thrilled his team is taking notes. 

"These girls they've been watching every minute of it.  Some of them probably stayed up too late to do it, but they've been watching every minute and it's really been an inspiration for all of them to see these girls," said Dan Carry, USM Girl's Hockey Coach.

Hockey isn't the only sport women are representing.  Of the eight gold medals the U.S. has won, five came from women.