US Marshals take Dwayne Chaney into custody

Convicted murderer cut ankle monitor

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee man who disappeared in the middle of his murder trial has been arrested after several days on the run.

Federal Marshals arrested Dwayne Chaney Monday night on Milwaukee's northwest side. Marshals say Chaney was found hiding in a garbage can.

His girlfriend Zuri London was found hiding under a porch. She was also taken into custody. 

Chaney attended the first three days of his murder trial but then skipped out in the middle of the court case. Police say he cut off his GPS monitoring device.

The trial continued after Chaney fled and a jury found him guilty of first-degree intentional homicide for the November 2015 shooting death of 21-year-old Michael Prescott. The charge carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

“He had a promising future, so his death was just really devastating for all of us,” said Rosalind McClinton, Prescott's mother.

While relieved that Chaney has been caught, McClinton is also very upset that he could walk free while on trial for murder. She says she knew the man who killed her son would try to run and she begged the judge not to let him out on bond.

“They allowed him to be able to just run free and possibly murder someone else,” she said.

Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Carolina Stark released Chaney on a $250,000 signature bond after Chaney requested a speedy trial and was not granted one within 90 days.

He was given an electronic monitoring bracelet, but after the first three days of his trial, he cut the bracelet and disappeared.

“I definitely have been terrified for the last several days with not being able to sleep at night with this murderer on the loose,” said McClinton. “Not knowing whether he was coming to attack any of us.”

Chaney didn't go far. Authorities ended up finding him near 96th and Silver Spring.

“It does give us some comfort but not closure yet,” said McClinton.

Chaney now faces a bail jumping charge and a sentencing date will be set on the murder charge since he's in custody.

Chaney's parents and his girlfriend are also facing possible charges for their role in his escape.

It's the second time Chaney has tried to elude authorities. He was on the run for nearly two years before U.S. marshals caught him in Milwaukee in May.

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