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Undercover police enforce pedestrian safety in Shorewood

Posted at 7:33 AM, May 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-28 18:54:55-04

SHOREWOOD — Shorewood Police found a unique way to catch drivers not yielding to people walking in a designated crosswalk.

Sgt. Cy Kaderlik continued to cross the street at Congress and Wilson in Shorewood to see if people followed the law. Police chose this location after the city's bicycle and pedestrian safety committee identified this as a trouble spot for people who want to cross the street to and from Estabrook Park.

"Shorewood is a walkable community," said Kaderlik. "Pedestrian safety is key."

Police conducted the same sting about two weeks ago, handing out four warnings.

TODAY'S TMJ4 was allowed exclusive access inside their next sting, where they pulled over two drivers.

Officer Ian Moss shares what the driver told him in the first traffic stop.

"She said she knew she should have stopped, but she didn't see him in time," he said.

Moss says not yielding to a pedestrian who steps even a foot in the crosswalk could land you a ticket.

"Once you're in the crosswalk they have to stop once you establish you have to stop," he said.

Officer Cydney Vahsholtz conducted the second stop where the driver said she "didn't see him right away," and that's why she didn't stop for him.

The goal is to prevent someone from getting hurt as the weather warms up. Citations for not yielding for a pedestrian start at $98.80 and four points off your license.