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Ukrainian church seeking donations of cash, medical supplies

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Posted at 5:26 PM, Apr 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-04 09:04:55-04

St. Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox Church has a growing pile of donated used clothes at the back of its fellowship hall.

The clothing will be put to good use, according to Church President Sohpia Torcivia. But what the church really wants right now is medicine, money and gun holsters, if you've got 'em.

"Those are always needed," said Torcivia.

St. Mary's has been taking donations to help Ukraine since Russia invaded the country in February. Now, they're really trying to focus on certain items.

Torcivia said a partner who's helping move donated items to Ukraine is no longer even accepting used clothing.

Their need, she said, is mainly cash and medical supplies, like bandages and iodine. They'd also be happy to take any used bullet-proof vests, belts and men's underwear.

The cash donations, said Torcivia, will pay to ship the medical supplies and other items.

Former church president Jim Harasymiw has been helping with the St. Mary's donation drive.

He's been coming to the church since 1953, when he was just eight years old. His family fled Ukraine during World War Two, first to Germany and later to Milwaukee.

Once a refugee, he's now trying to give back to his native Ukraine.

"I want to cry. You know, I watch television and the Russians get some prisoners, Ukrainian prisoners and shoot them," said Harasymiw. "And it's like, that could've been my family."

If you do have used clothing you'd like to donate to St. Mary's, go ahead. Torcivia said it will go to a local shelter, or they may soon hold a garage sale of sorts when the weather warms up.

All the items will be free, though she said a donation of even a dollar or two would go a long way to help ship other items to people in need in Ukraine.

You can find out how to donate by visiting the church's Facebook page.

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