Two Marquette University professors receive grants to fund their work

The first step to curing disease is research
Posted at 7:37 PM, Oct 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-27 20:37:41-04

The Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation doled out $70,000 in research grants to scientists at Marquette University on October 27.

Dr. Lisa Petrella, an Assistant Professor at Marquette University, earned a $20,000 dollar grant for breast cancer research.

"There's these two things that we've discovered; cancer cells react differently to temperature, so when you heat them up they die more quickly, and they express these genes that are normally never expressed in these cells. It turns out in my worms that I studied, the same thing happened," Petrella said.

Dr. Abiola Keller received a two-year $25,000 grant for investigating the role exercise plays in depression, particularly African American women.

"With this award, I'm going to be using a national data set to determine how healthcare providers are doing in terms of talking to women with depression," Keller said.

Former First Lady Sue Ann Thompson and her daughter Tommi presented the gifts on behalf of the Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation.

"It's thrilling, we think that research is an important part of what were doing at the foundation," Sue Ann Thompson said.