Two charged in fatal beating posted to Snapchat

Posted at 10:53 PM, Dec 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-22 23:58:27-05

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee mother says she'll never understand why someone would kill her son with their bare hands. 

Devin Katzfey and Sarah Zakzeksy are charged with Delvin Mendoza-Chaparro's murder.  They allegedly beat him to death. Zakzeksy is behind bars, and Katzfey is at large.

"I had got the feeling something was wrong," explained Iris Chaparro, Mendoza-Chaparro's mother.

Call it mother's intuition. Iris Chapparo knew her son was in trouble before police called, changing her life forever. 

"I was supposed to go first," said Chaparro.

Investigators say Snapchat video shows the suspected killer beating up Mendoza-Chaparro before his accomplice drove him to an alley near South 6th St. Monday where they left the 20-year-old to die.

"He's going to pay for that."

The criminal complaint says Katzfey and Zakzeksy repeatedly punched and kicked the victim inside an apartment at 6th and Rogers. Katzfey accused the victim of stealing drug paraphernalia. 

As much as this mother wants justice, she knows it won't give her what she wants most.

"Nothing's going to give me my son back," she says.

Chaparro says she can't phathom why someone would torture her son to death.

"It's not Christmas. I'm not going to do nothing...I don't want to celebrate nothing," explained Chaparro.

Police arrested another man and woman in connection the death, but they haven't been charged.

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