Two 21-year-old best friends die in Cedarburg car crash

Posted at 9:59 PM, Jun 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-27 10:01:34-04

Two 21-year-old best friends died in a crash in Cedarburg Monday.

Friends say Austin Riechers and Devin Krumbiegel were running an errand on Monday night and never made it home.

The car crash happened on Western Avenue near Woodside Drive. A makeshift memorial has been started by the telephone pole where the young men died.

Friends and loved ones have stopped, even in the heavy rain, to lay flowers for Riechers and Krumbiegel.

“Both very great people. We always have a blast together,” said Krumbiegel’s cousin Jared Fellion.

Fellion, Krumbiegel and Riechers all went to Cedarburg High School together.

One of Krumbiegel’s good friends said he will always remember his compassion to make sure no one felt like an outsider.

“Never wanted to see someone out of the group, always just wanted to bring them in,” said Daniel Dicriscio.

According to friends, Krumbiegel and Riechers were on their way home around 6:30 p.m. Monday from running an errand at Fleet Farm. The Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Office said Riechers lost control and hit a telephone phone on a Western Avenue. That is where their friends say road work just started.

"This gravel is really loose,” said Fellion, gesturing to the road. “It was just put down yesterday.”

Friends say the two were best friends who loved disc golf, cars and motorcycles.

Riechers friends left flowers on his bike at his home. His uncles Russell and Charles Embling say the CNC Machinist was the kid who could fix anything in the family.

“He was always dibbling and dabbling with electronics and motors. You name it, he would figure out how it worked,” said Russell Embling.

They can’t believe the two men won’t be coming up the drive with all their friends as usual.

“Our heart breaks for the family and the friends, for Devin’s family. It just a tragedy,” said Charles Embling.

Riechers family is working to establish a scholarship in his name for other students interested in technical school.