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Trump pushes back on Democrats' 'collusion delusion' during Green Bay rally

Posted at 8:21 AM, Apr 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-28 10:44:37-04

President Trump began his speech talking about the shooting at a synagogue in California saying, “we must condemn the evil of anti- Semitism and hate.”

But after that it was vintage Trump - in campaign mode.

For nearly 90 minutes President Trump fired up the Green Bay crowd with lines like this:

“Are we having fun draining the swamp?”

But he also played up his record on the economy - a key issue with voters - saying wages are up - unemployment is down.

“We are the number one economy in the world and it’s not even close, Trump said, as thousands shouted U-S-A!

But the President made no mention of Foxconn - a company he help bring to Wisconsin.

Trump did promise to go after Democrats on the green deal, late term abortions and immigration, and push back on Democrats pushing for more investigations.

“Democrats put all their hope in collusion delusion” said Trump, “a complete and total fraud.”

Semi-retired Trump supporter Todd Evers wore his POTUS 45 Jersey to the rally, he wants Trump to talk more about his accomplishments and less about investigations.

“The investigations are getting old. I don't need to hear it anymore - even from him.”

Terri Hasse is a nurse from Sheboygan and a Trump fan.

“The fact that he is full-filling his promises. He tells it like it is.”

Trump’s son Don Jr. also spoke at the rally.