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Trial begins for man accused of firing stray bullet that killed 13-year-old Sandra Parks

Posted at 5:50 PM, Jun 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-10 18:53:29-04

MILWAUKEE — The trial has begun for the man accused of firing a stray bullet into a northside home that killed 13-year-old Sandra Parks.

Isaac Barnes, 27, waived his right to a jury trial Monday, opting for a court trial instead. That means a judge will decide his fate rather than a jury of peers.

Prosecutors didn’t waste any time getting Barnes’ trial started Monday afternoon. The state first called on four Milwaukee Police officers who were dispatched to the scene where Parks took her last breath. Officer Joshua Hermann said he went straight into Parks’ home near 13th and Hopkins.

“When I approached the residence, we could see gunshots ringing through the window,” said Hermann.

The eighth grade student was watching TV in her house on the night of Nov. 19, 2018,when a stray bullet struck and killed her.

Court records show Barnes’ ex-girlfriend was parked outside a relative’s house on North 12th Street that night when Barnes allegedly approached. His ex-girlfriend told police he was “wearing a mask and holding a large AK-47. Defendant Barnes told (his ex-girlfriend) ‘(expletive) you lucky the kids are in the car, I was gonna fan you down,’” read the criminal complaint.

Barnes is one of two defendants in this case. Prosecutors said Untrell Oden told police “he observed Barnes shooting at an unknown target as they walked from the store,” according to court documents.

“All that I observed was a black male subject, in the gangway, it was dark,” said Milwaukee Police Officer Michael Valuch.

Valuch’s duty on the scene was to search for the suspects.

“Took flight on foot eastbound through the yards,” Valuch said.

Valuch claims that man turned out to be Barnes. Oden allegedly helped him hide guns after the shooting.

Court documents show more than 50 witnesses could be called to testify in this trial.