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Train tracks passable again following train derailment Monday

Posted at 8:54 PM, Mar 27, 2019

The Union Pacific Railroad tracks just west of Lannon Road in Menomonee Falls are passable again after shutting down Monday night when a train derailed. Clean up efforts continued Wednesday morning in the area near Silver Spring and Mill Road.

“The clean up [has] been really good," Dennis Freischmidt said. "Yeah, it’s been really good. [When it happened,] I heard a lot of trucks going by. I [saw] flashing white lights which was unusual."

More than a dozen cars went off the tracks — eleven were empty and two were filled with scrap metal. Clean up and repair crews rushed to the scene Monday, they worked throughout Tuesday, and expect to finish the job Wednesday.

"The first thing I thought was everybody was safe, there was no hazard to deal with, and that was the more important thing that I thought of,” Freischmidt said.

Menomonee Falls PD confirmed there is no on-going safety concern to the public —but people living in the area may have to find an alternative route until the debris is clear and Lannon Road is open again.