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Tips for encountering wrong way drivers

Posted: 6:12 PM, Nov 01, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-01 23:12:39Z

With the recent wrong way driving incidents in Milwaukee County many drivers are left to wonder what to do if they're put in the same situation behind the wheel.

You can only imagine the mindset of a driver when trying to avoid a head-on crash. Mike Brand, a driving instructor with Arcade Driving School in West Allis has advice for all of us on what we can do if we suddenly see a car or truck coming right at us.

"It's an epidemic all over the country," said Brand. "That decision is going to be split."

Because wrong way driving can happen so fast at freeway speeds, making the right decision counts.

"You just need to be aware of everything going on around you," he said.

That's just tip number one.

"You can't practice this so you're going to react the way you're going to react, you just hope you react in a sound manner that you make the right decisions to save yourself and the people with you," said Brand.

Brand says after knowing your surroundings you'll only have a few seconds to act.

"You want to stay to the right and get off the road to the right," he said.

Get off on the right because Brand says most people driving the wrong way are in the left lane. He adds you also don't want to go left because you could be heading into on-coming traffic. Also, after passing the wrong way driver, drivers should immediately call 911.

"What you should not do is follow them but you want to call 911, tell them exactly where you are and try to describe the car as best you can," said Brand.

Brand also says if you see a wrong way driver heading your way never brake and stop. You should always try to get out of the way.