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Time to check the furnace: First cold weekend means homes are heating up

Posted at 8:59 PM, Sep 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-29 10:43:30-04

The cold weekend ahead means business is heating up for furnace repair companies. 

Jason Fox, owner at Capital Heating and Cooling, says the phones were ringing more than usual this week as residents prepare to turn on their furnaces for the first time this season.

"As soon as we get that first cold, everyone is nervous," said Fox. "Is it gonna work, is it not gonna work?"

His technicians have been busy doing routine maintenance checks on furnaces, checking for 35 different potential problems. 

For those who did not seek professional help, Fox has some tips. 

"First you want to make sure the furnace is on, you set the thermostat to heat," he said. "Also make sure your filter's clean. Furnaces can overheat and shut off early if it's not getting good air flow."

"You want to pull the air filter out," he added. "There's different kinds, sizes everything like that. When you're putting a new one in, look for the arrow on the filter and make sure that's pointing toward the furnace." 

Fox says they have more resources including help for troubleshooting furnace issues on the company's website.