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Ticket prices for sporting events drop amid inflation, other items see downward trend as well

Posted at 6:11 AM, Jul 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-13 12:36:24-04

MILWAUKEE — We don't need to tell you inflation is at a 40-year high and lots of things are more expensive. But we've got some bright news to share, some things have actually gotten cheaper.

I've got some actual good news about inflation. Instead of talking about all the areas where you're spending more we're going to focus on things that actually cost less!

Ticket prices to sporting events are down 11% when compared to last year, according to recent Consumer Price Index data.

The Brewers say they've always kept a focus on affordability and there are plenty of ways to get creative and really save some money.

Many local bars and restaurants provide free shuttles so you don't have to shell out money for parking.

Of course, you can tailgate to save on food and drink and you can even bring some foods into the ballpark.

When it comes to tickets, the Brewers say you can find a discount or a giveaway for most games. You just have to look a little bit.

"For example, if you wanted to bring your family out on a Monday night we have 6$ upper deck tickets. There's really not -- there's not a better deal in baseball, I think, for something like that," said Tyler Barnes, the Senior VP of Communications for the Brewers.

So if you want to hunt down deals like that, the Brewers say the best tool to use is the MLB app. Or you can head to to find the promotions page and information about theme nights and giveaways.

Let's talk about another area where you'll save, tech.

Smartphones are 20% cheaper when compared to last year, TVs are 10% cheaper. And this next one is for families preparing for the back-to-school shopping season — calculators are 13% cheaper.

Of course, saving money on a day at the ballpark isn't going to offset all the areas where we're paying more, like groceries and gas. But there are some things that financial experts say you can do. One piece of advice is to ask your boss for a raise, or in today's competitive hiring landscape, consider looking for a new job that can bring in a bigger paycheck.

If those options are off the table, take a hard look at your budget. Figure out where inflation is taking the biggest bite out of your wallet and then look for substitutes or replacements.

For example, if you're spending the bulk of your money on groceries take advantage of sales and fill up your freezer or pantry. You can also explore shopping at wholesale clubs or discount stores like COSTCO, Sam's Club, ALDI or Trader Joe's.

Or maybe it's your family cell phone plan that's draining your budget. Consider switching to a different carrier. Your internet provider probably offers a bundle deal. And check to see if you qualify for a federal program that helps low-income families pay their internet bills, it's called the Affordable Connectivity Program.

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