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Teachers charged for failing to report St. Josaphat school shooting

Posted at 11:30 AM, Jun 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-13 12:31:15-04

Two teachers at St. Josaphat Parish School have been charged after failing to report a shooting incident that happened inside the school.

Carolyn Trawitzki and Lisa Sarenac both failed to alert parents of the accidental discharge of a gun on April 5.

A school janitor, Heriberto Martin, was charged Wednesday for bringing a gun to the school. Martin told authorities he was trying to fix a slide on the gun and needed access to his tools at the school. While he was working on it, the gun discharged, sending a bullet into a neighboring classroom, bruising one student and damaging student property, according to the criminal complaint.

The teacher whose classroom the bullet entered, says another teacher, Sarenac, planned to tell the parents of the students involved in the shooting that an "unknown" object caused the injuries and that the school would compensate them for damages to a jacket and a backpack.

Trawitzki, who previously served as the school principal for 22 years, confirms that that is what was told to the parents by Sarenac.

Trawitzki then proceeded to take petty cash from the school fund to and go to Target on her lunch break. She used the money to buy a gift card for the family of the student whose supplies were damaged by the bullet.

Days later, Sarenac told the priest in charge of the parish about the incident who then reported it to the Milwaukee Police Department. The priest also fired Martin that same day.

Both teachers were charged with fail/report child abuse/neglect.