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Swim at your own risk at Waukesha County beaches

Posted at 6:23 PM, Aug 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-08 19:23:00-04

WAUKESHA COUNTY — While the weather is perfect for a dip in the lake, folks at some Waukesha County beaches will have to swim at their own risk.

The two staffed beaches in Waukesha County at Menomonee Park and Fox Brook Park will be without lifeguards over the next few weeks; Menomonee Park last day is August 14th while Fox Brook Park lasts until August 23rd.

"[Lifeguards] start going back to school," Andy Weinkauf, Park Foreman said. "Fall sports pick back up and with our college-aged kids, it's about that time of the year."

It feels like summer just started but before the unofficial end of summer, the sun will be the only thing looking over the lake by Memorial Day weekend. So some families will be taking a long hard look at where they go.

"I would definitely have second thoughts," Annette Ingersoll of Pewaukee said. "Especially if it were a busy beach like it is today. I definitely have second thoguhts about it. I probably wouldn't do it."

"If they don't have lifeguards out here, I bet you this beach is going to be empty," Jennifer Meehan of Wauwatosa said.

The beaches won't be closed. Families can still enjoy the last bit of summer but the only eyes on their kids will be their own.

"We encourage everyone to come out but be a little cautious," Weinkauf said. "Keep an eye out for everybody but still come out and have a fun time."

Weinkauf says they're always in need of more lifeguards. Those interested for the 2020 season can apply on the Waukesha County Parks website.